School Closings and other Emergencies

The Hilton School Districtís automated messaging system, School Messenger, uses information from the IC Campus Portal to contact parents and guardians when there is an emergency school closing. Therefore, parents/guardians should make sure their contact information is correct in the system.

The parent/guardian in the childís primary household will be contacted at their home and cell phone numbers when there is a school closing or early dismissal. The information also will be posted to the district website, Facebook and Twitter pages, and local media will be notified. A message is placed on the district's main telephone number voicemail message, 585-392-1000, as well.

The decision to close school in weather-related situations will normally be made no later than 6:30 a.m. in most cases, prior to the school buses being sent on the road. Most TV and radio stations carry school closing information. 

After-School Activities
When schools are closed for weather-related conditions, all other activities including interscholastic sports, YMCA Child Care, sports practices, athletic events, the Aquatic Center, student activities, Community Education, and community-related classes and activities will be cancelled. If after-school activities are cancelled during the school day, information will be posted to the district website, Facebook and Twitter pages, and local media will be notified. 

Early Dismissal . . . Have a Plan in Place and Be Sure to Communicate It to Your Children
In the event of an early dismissal of students during the school day due to loss of power, loss of water or other emergency situation, there are procedures in place to transport students home.

Emergency Closing Data Card
Each year parents indicate a course of action to be taken on the Emergency Closing Data Card which is completed for all K-6 students, and updated every year for grades 7-12. This will assist you and the schools in making appropriate plans for each child. Please take this opportunity to talk to your child. Make sure your child knows where to go in your neighborhood if the parent or caregiver is not at home. In addition, please check with your daycare provider about whether they can receive your child at unexpected times.

Contact information, kept in your child's records, should be kept current (telephone numbers, addresses, etc.) To add, delete or change information, please call your child's school.

Weather and Recess Guidelines
Many schools have temperature/weather guidelines to help determine whether recess is held indoors or outdoors. Below is a chart that indicates proper dress/actions based on temperature/wind chill:

Temperature/Wind Chill


Below 60 degrees

Jacket or long sleeves

Below 50 degrees

Coat and long pants

Below 32 degrees

Gloves and Hats to go outside

Below 15 degrees

Shortened Recess

Below 10 degrees

Indoor Recess

When temperatures are below 10 degrees F. (normal temp. or wind chill) then recess will be held indoors. Other conditions that are taken into consideration include high wind warnings, pending storms, etc. Recess time is at the discretion of the teacher. Please make sure your children dress appropriately for the weather. Hats, gloves/mittens and boots are essential to keep children safe and warm during cold weather months.

How is the Decision Made to Close School?
The decision to close school due to weather is not taken lightly. Road conditions, visibility and wind chill are all factors taken into consideration when making the decision. Our first priority is determining whether we can transport students safely to and from school. Our second consideration is wind chill.

The Monroe County Health Department developed specific guidelines regarding wind chill factors and has provided them to area superintendents. When the wind chill drops to 25 degrees below zero or more, we are advised to close. When the wind chill is 16 to 25 degrees below zero, the decision is discretionary, depending on conditions.

Monroe County Department of Health Letter to Superintendents Regarding Wind Chills

It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to make the final decision regarding school attendance.  If parents believe the weather is too severe, they have the right to keep their children home. In this instance, it is essential that the parent contact the school to alert them of their childís absence and to make arrangements for missed work.

School Safety in the Hilton Central School District