Hilton Central Schools' Full-Day Kindergarten

Kindergarten Registration Information

The registration informational letters from the Hilton Central School District to all eligible District families are mailed by the Office of Census/Central Registration in early March. If you did not receive a letter by mid-March, please call the Census/Central Registration Clerk Dawn Blodgett at 585-392-1000, ext. 7031.

All three elementary schools have full-day kindergarten programs:

Northwood Elementary School - 433 North Greece Rd., Hilton

Quest Elementary School  -  225 West Ave., Hilton (Note: all students living in any area of the district are eligible to attend.)

Village Elementary School - 100 School La., Hilton

Children whose fifth birthday falls on or before December 1 following the start of the school year in September are eligible to attend kindergarten. If you have a four or five-year old who will be attending kindergarten and do not receive a letter from the District, please call or email District Census at 585-392-1000, ext. 7031 to have your name entered on the mailing list.

Program Elements in Full-Day Kindergarten
The Full-Day Kindergarten Program in the Hilton Central School District allows our students the gift of time: time for hands-on-learning, guided practice, exploration, self-development and social interaction. The program follows the New York State Standards and the District curriculum while helping to develop a love of learning and creativity within all students. Each kindergartner is able to grow, learn and be challenged socially and academically. Children of different abilities, talents, interests, and backgrounds work and play together in an environment that is both nurturing and challenging.  Kindergarten begins each child’s journey on the learning path in the Hilton Central School District.  

Transition to full-day kindergarten from home and preschool
Each of the elementary schools offers special events to acquaint students and their families to kindergarten. Among these are opportunities to visit the classroom and meet the teacher prior to the start of school, to get on a school bus, informational programs, and first day of school teas. Starting your child off on the right foot is important to all of us, and our kindergarten teachers plan many special activities in the classroom to help students feel comfortable and help them gain familiarity with their new school.

So much growth in one year
By the end of kindergarten, students will see themselves as readers and writers; recognize math in their everyday lives; begin to use the language of mathematics; question why things exist and how they work; show an interest in the world around them; interact positively with others; recognize and respect diversity; share and cooperate with others; listen courteously and respond to others; speak to different audiences; and exhibit pride in creating.