Hilton CSD Strategic Plan 2014-2016: a blueprint for educational initiatives and accountability; striving for continuous improvement 

On January 14, 2014 the Hilton Board of Education endorsed this Strategic Plan to guide us through 2016 and beyond. This is the result of months of work by stakeholders in our school community. It outlines our priorities for the next three years and will help drive learning, budgeting, staffing and decision making for the foreseeable future.

Why do we need a Strategic Plan?

As a high performing district in a region known for the quality of its schools, we must not become complacent. Instead we must remain focused on the goals and strategies that will best prepare all our students for life in a globally competitive society. That means being fully transparent in the decisions we make that guide this district, setting priorities and sticking to them, and concentrating our resources on the programs, practices and staffing that will best serve our students in maximizing their potential.

By endorsing this plan, the Hilton Board of Education has established ambitious priorities. We must aim high as we are preparing students for success in a changing world where many of the jobs they will be holding havenít even been created yet. This plan is designed to guide each department and school to help all students attain these goals. The plan also includes key indicators to determine if we are making progress in achieving success.

The planís success requires a commitment from the greater school community to work collaboratively in order to raise the achievement levels for all students. Working together we can close achievement gaps, ensure every student graduates and maximize their potential so each is ready to take on the challenges of citizenship in our community and society.

Please take the time to review the Districtís Strategic Plan and become a partner in its implementation and outcomes.

How We Created the Strategic Plan

Review and Approval

Strategic Plan 2014-2016

Strategies/Measurable Outcomes

Key Action Steps