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Office of K-12 Learning and Staff Development

Hilton Central School District's Office of Staff Development is located in District Offices, 225 West Ave., Hilton, NY 14468. FAX 585-392-1087 Directions to District Offices

Department Personnel


Karen Spillman, Director of K-12 Learning and Staff Development
585-392-1000, ext. 6051

Claudia Engel, Secretary, 585-392-1000, ext. 6057

Professional or staff development can be thought of as a complex process that results in long-term, positive change in schools. Such efforts include sharing current research, enhancing instructional strategies, strengthening leadership and promoting personal growth and development. Staff development experiences that utilize collegiality, collaboration, discovery and problem solving enhance the individual strengths within a staff.

The focus for staff development is the individual working with others to provide the best learning environment for students. The process includes planning, risk taking, trial and error, monitoring results and continued commitment to excellence. Staff development is results driven, based on constructivism and focused on systems thinking. Ultimately, the goal of staff development is to effect change in teacher practice and student learning.

Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR)
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